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We are a full service market and social research agency, which basically means: whatever your research need, it’s very likely we can do it (and if we can’t, we’ll tell you who can). Have a look at our services below and drop us a line if you would like to know more.


Focus groups and depth interviews, face-to-face, via conference call, or even online, we love to talk in detail…
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consultation analysis

Expert analysis of public consultations for the Scottish and UK Governments and many others, on a wide variety of subject matters…
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desk research

Analysis of publically available information from Scotland, the UK and around the world…
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consumer experience

An innovative approach to research within the retail sector, assessing the customer experience in-store and online…
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Online, face-to-face or by telephone, we produce numbers to answer your questions – we’ll even tell you what they mean…
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Quantitative Research


‘A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers’ (Plato)

We believe in the power of numbers; but in isolation they are meaningless.  It’s when numbers and knowledge are aligned that insight is produced. Combining sector and subject expertise, together with the ability to produce water-tight questionnaires, we love quantitative research.  Large or small samples, international or local, we carry out regular quantitative research online, by telephone and face-to-face dependent on your needs and whatever is most appropriate.

Research dataResearch decisionsInterviews online, telephone or face-to-face

In the recent past, we have completed projects in excess of 8,000 survey responses and projects carried out with international audiences. But it’s not just the ability to generate the numbers that matter to us, it’s finding the story that will help clients make educated, strategic decisions that really makes us tick.

Qualitative Research


‘It’s good to talk’ (Bob Hoskins)

Qualitative research is pivotal in understanding the ‘why’ of research and provides an exciting, flexible dynamic to the research process which cannot be matched. Focus groups, mini groups, triads, paired depths or one-to-one sessions, you provide the questions, we find the people and get them to give us the answers.

Many of our clients love the dynamic of watching a focus group through a one-way mirror, whilst others like to see an edited video copy and others still simply want us to tell them the key findings – whatever your needs, we can provide it.

We use a network of tried and tested, quality assured providers to recruit our respondents and all groups and interviews are moderated by the Directors at Why Research – so you just tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest. Groups and depths can be audio or video recorded and edited to suit your needs and all are carried out in line with the MRS Code of Conduct.

We’re also really excited to have developed a new approach to the traditional focus group, an approach more suited to addressing micro issues, such as market understanding of an advertising campaign or messages taken from a draft communication piece. For more information, just get in touch.

Consultation Analysis


‘Consultation helps engender the support decisions need to be successfully implemented’ (Donald Rumsfeld)

At Why Research, we know that you need independent, impartial analysis of the responses to your consultation. We know that responses could be ‘one-liners’ or they could be very long and intricate. We know that public consultations can see 5 responses or 50,000. We also know that your respondents might not even answer the questions you’ve asked – they might not stick to your timetable – they might even send you a DVD instead of a written submission. That’s all fine by us. Our extensive experience of consultation analysis along with our genuine enthusiasm and interest in the consultation process means we can turn any number and any format of responses into the report that you need.

We’re proud to provide consultation analysis services to a wide range of clients in the public sector and have produced reports on consultations across a wide range of policy areas including law, universal credit, procurement and marine life to name but a few.

Here are just some examples of recent reports in the public domain which we think highlight why we’re a worthy choice as a research partner for this sort of work:

Desk Research


‘If you steal from one author it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many, it’s research’ (Wilson Mizner)

We get asked many questions and providing the answers is what motivates us. Often the answers, or at least part of them, lie within documents already publishing within the public domain. In these instances, desk research is an invaluable tool in adding historically acquired insights to the question.

Our team has a vast range of experience in uncovering key information from already published reports, journals and other documents which have aided clients in determining public opinion, gaining competitive advantage or simply provoking interest for further investigation.

Consumer Experience


‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping’ (Bo Derek)

Bad weather, the growth of online, consumer hunger for a bargain and willingness to buy second hand, have all contributed to a turbulent retail sector over the last number of years. This market turmoil has seen the loss of well-recognised high street brands, together with a tentative re-emergence of some.

Over the last 12 months we have developed a tailored approach to retail research focusing on the customer experience. The accompanied customer experience (ACE) approach seeks to understand how different consumers use retail stores and at what key touchpoints intervention is most relevant, appropriate and engaging. Through this method, combined with concurrent qualitative and quantitative research, we worked with one of our clients to develop an award winning store model which has been rolled out across the group.

We have further developed the work to ensure that it works for online stores and retailers.